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Virtual Clinicals


Our simulation technology offers much more options than just the CE-certified OptimeyesTM product.

Our expert knowledge on corneal biomechanics and the eye can also offer you analysis services or consulting projects. Contact us to learn what options our technology offers. Potential areas of application are:

Virtual Clinical Studies

Our simulation technology allows you to carry out clinical studies as well as virtual parametric simulation studies and sensitivity analyses on the computer. This way, you save time and money.

Consulting / Customer Projects

Our technology can simulate many different types of interventions on the cornea. In this way, surgeons, engineers, product managers, and business developers can test possible applications and their outcomes.

Knowledge Database

Thanks to our research we have been able to accumulate expertise and experience over many years. The result is a comprehensive simulation portfolio of the biomechanics of the eye tissue. Just ask, as we can carry out projects on all areas of eye biomechanics.

Virtual Clinical Studies


Profit from the unique combination of expertise in corneal biomechanics, ANSYS’ robust numerical simulation platform, and the Optimeyes tools. With years of experience in research in the field of corneal biomechanics and simulation, we provide you with consulting and expertise for your questions. With our software suite we can offer support in answering your development questions, and in understanding corneal behavior.

Some examples of studies are given in the following list:

Consulting / customer Projects


Consulting in Corneal Biomechanics, Numerical Simulations, and Corneal Topography

The OptimeyesTM team of Optimo Medical AG has many years of experience in corneal biomechanics, numerical simulation (FEM), and corneal topography. We have published several papers and have given many talks (also invited) in the field at international conferences. We can provide senior level consulting services for surgeons, R&D engineers, and product managers.

Corneal Topography

OptimeyesTM provides all sort of corneal maps to the user. Some of them are included in our CE marked product OptimeyesTM, many are not (e.g. principal curvature maps based on differential geometry). We have put in many years of research and development into our map representations and data displays. Besides a comprehensive corneal topography toolbox, this has given us the expertise we need to provide senior level consulting service in corneal topography.

Corneal Biomechanics and numerical simulations

Corneal biomechanics, a long-neglected aspect in cataract and refractive surgery, has gained popularity over the last decade. Harald Studer has been part of a small group of international experts, constantly pushing hard to raise the awareness of the importance of biomechanics. He is now an accepted expert in the field, with may paper publications and presentations at international conferences such as the ESCRS, ARVO, AAP, ASCRS, and APAO. 


We have developed a comprehensive simulation framework for corneal biomechanics.  With it, we are able to simulate different types of interventions on the cornea.

Knowledge Database


Optimo Medical has established a large knowledge database, expertise, and a comprehensive simulation framework of ocular tissue biomechanics. Focusing on the cornea, we are more and more extending our capabilities towards crystalline lens, capsular bag, zonules, and the whole occulus. 


To remain in touch with research and constantly expand our horizons, we participate in two Eurostars projects (listed below) which allow us to increase our expertise further.

We also foster knowledge on recent publications in the field in our CBEssentials Magazine and make sure to remain up to date with research relevant to our field.


List of selected publications:


Because we are constantly expanding our knowledge and wish to research technological possibilities with other experts, we already participate in numerous scientific projects and political committees. Our aim is to develop further simulation technology for eye care. There is now the option to conduct studies and experiments not only in-vivo and in-vitro but also in silico – this means using virtual simulations on the computer to predict outcomes and minimize risk. These are the most current examples:

Avicenna Alliance

The Avicenna Alliance is a society which advocates in silico medicine in front of the EU and promotes the composition of regulations in this area. In silico constantly gains importance in many areas of medicine. In our view, this is an important development in medicine and we advocate for its acceptance and promotion in all areas.


A femtosecond laser can be also used for crosslinking with the use of dual-photon technology. Together with Rowiak GmbH, the Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) and the Inselspital Bern, we are working on a Eurostars project to develop and simulate this technology.


The aim of this Horizon 2020 project is to develop a patient-specific eye model which helps to personalize ophthalmology and improves the diagnostics in this area. For this EU-financed research project, we collaborate with a total of 10 other institutions.

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