Personalized eye surgery

Each day, more than 50'000 eye operations take place around the globe, and not two of them have the exact same characteristics. Each eye has an individual and unique shape and biomechanical behavior. At the same time, only fractions of a millimeter can determine if the surgery is a success or irreparable harm is caused. Due to the very complex nature of the human cornea, the potential outcome of restored vision for patient on the one hand, or medical and financial damage on the other hand lie together very closely. 

Hence, one of the major challenges for the eye surgeon is to guess how an individual eye might react to the necessary cuts into the cornea. 

Logo O OptimeyesOptimeyes 1.0 replaces guessing by knowing. Our software simulates effects of physical interference planned for the individual eye with a precision that outperforms conventional, non-personalized methods by far.


The OptimeyesTM method:

  • Individual measurements of the eye are fed into the software (currently supported: Pentacam, Galilei)
  • The operation is "dry-run" in the virtual world
  • Incisions are optimized, risks are minimized
  • The physical procedure is performed
  • The targeted clinical effect of the operation is rewarded with great vision for the patient


In its first version, OptimeyesTM 1.0 provides patient-specific planning for arcuate keratotomy astigmatism management in the course of cataract surgery. For more information see the product page

Optimo Medical AG also provides Virtual Clinical Trials (parametric simulation studies) and consulting on corneal biomechanics and corneal topography. 



Graph Optimeyes Process