Treat cataract and corneal irregularity in one step

In addition to the upcoming cataract operation, the planning software Optimeyes allows you to deal with corneal irregularity, with no high additional costs.

Cataract is caused by the natural ageing process of the eye. The sight becomes unclear and cloudy. Cataract increases with the years, and can cause a restricted quality of sight. Corneal irregularity is an irregular curvature of the cornea or the lens that causes blurred vision.


cataract sight
The combination of cataract and a corneal irregularity produces blurred and unclear vision. (simulated sight)
normal sight
Sight without cataract and corneal irregularity.

How can Optimeyes help ?

Optimeyes combines the planning of both cataract and corneal irregularity interventions. It simulates, on the basis of measured data, the required cuts for the operation following after. Optimeyes replaces estimations by precise forecasts. Not only can two interventions be accomplished at once, but you can also dispense of the cost-intensive intraocular lens.

What advantages does Optimeyes have ?

The software simulates the physical intervention for the individual eye. This simulation is more precise than the currently used nomograms to plan the intervention. In this way, an individual treatment restores a clear and sharp sight. The costs for planning with Optimeyes are much lower than the implantation of an intraocular lens, which is not necessary anymore with this software.

The Optimeyes procedure

  • Individual measurements are inserted in the Optimeyes software
  • The operation is virtually carried out by Optimeyes for a test purpose
  • The parameters of the operation are optimized to prevent risks
  • The operation is physically carried out
  • The requested effect of the operation occurs and restores the sight

Ask your doctor for more information about the intervention and the different possibilities or contact us for questions about the product.