Optimeyes on the surgeon's computer

The OptimeyesTM software predicts in a patient-specific way the influence of physical interventions in the cornea, thus allowing it to simulate and evaluate treatment results in the intervention planning phase. As described on the product page, the software can be downloaded from the internet (for free), and installed on the surgeon's computer. Doctors sell OptimeyesTM treatment customization along with their premium packages to their patients. 


Optimeyes embedded

Thanks to the modular software architecture, the OptimeyesTM simulation framework can also be integrated into diagnostic or therapeutic devices, such as anterior segment tomographers, or femto-second laser systems. The whole Optimeyes technology is developed as a medical device, according to ISO13485 standards, following IEC62304 processes. Even though this makes embedding into a diagnostic/therapeutic device much easier, close collaboration between Optimo and the device manufacturer is crucial.

Device manufacturers that incorporate Optimeyes into their system, can provide simple surgery planning features to their customers, plus they can make money through the pay-per-use fees. This is an interesting business-model as it generates a continuous revenue-stream.


For the embedding it is possible to either incorporate our default user-interface (UI), or to replace it with a device-specific look and feel. The said modular software architecture allows easy separation of user interface and business-logic.

Device manufacturers advantages: New USP, revenue stream from scale business, participation on the global mega-trend of personalized medicine.